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The kids started a ‘Puppy Lovers Only’ club after Our Ladybug and her cousin E realized after two whole weeks of avoiding each other that they both LOVE puppy dogs.

We miss you tons!  Love Ya!

1 big campfire…5 tents…9 adults…10 Kids…and whole lot of dirt equals our family campout! 

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Daddy gave our Little Guy a camera and he went nuts, taking pictures of just about everything he could.  We got a kick out of the amount of pictures of his feet.  They just ended up up in a lot of pictures! 



Our little Photographer!

My Brother and his family came to visit all of us back home, so these next several posts are a lot of my family doing…family stuff:


We took all the kiddos AND BUZZ to see Toy Story 3.  That was a blast, the kids loved it.  It was a little scary at times, Our Ladybug screamed out at several different scenes!  That was actually pretty funny, how into the movie she was.

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Just hanging out and eating otter pops!

As we left San Diego, we couldn’t resist stopping in at Sea Port Village one last time.  And we were so glad we did, because this guy had several exotic birds on exhibit there.  He let us hold them and everything!  Our Little Guy absolutely loved this, unlike our little Ladybug.  She just didn’t like this squawking thing to sit on her. 

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The ride home was pretty uneventful, THANKFULLY.  The kids were really good even though they were tired and ready to be home.  See you soon San Diego!

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On our last day in San Diego, we had dinner on the pier at Ruby’s.  The kids had a great time watching the fisherman catch fish, picking out starfish from the little shop, watching the waves crash, and looking out for whales, dolphins and sharks, that our Little Guy knew were out there somewhere. A great ending to a wonderful vacation!  And a special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for putting up with us for a whole week!

Back to Legoland to visit the new Sea Life aquarium.  We had such a fun time here.  They had a whole bunch of interactive stuff for the kids and some really cool starfish and other sea  creatures.

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